Mindset for Momentum

Affordable Mindset Membership Helping Small Business Owners Master Their Mind, Dismantle Self-Doubt and Step Into Their Next Level Success!

Ever find yourself:

  • Procrastinating when you should be promoting?
  • Discounting when you need the income?
  • Doubting your abilities, your worth and whether you're cut out for this?
  • Feeling stuck, when what you really want is keep making progress towards your goals and dreams?


  • ‘No one’s interested in what I have to say’.
  • ‘No one will buy it anyway’
  • 'Maybe I should just get a job!'

Building a business can be a pretty tough gig and mindset is 80% of the battle..

So much of this 👆 can be turned around ‘on a dime’ with the right support so you can:

  • Fire off that social media post or email.
  • Make the decision you’ve been noodling over.
  • Set and stick to the boundaries that feel good.
  • Raise your prices and feel confident about your worth.
  • Look forward to stepping up and stepping out in your business.

None of us have time to be stuck for days in a funk, held back by fear and self-doubt or self-sabotaging our success.

That’s why I created Mindset for Momentum - to help business owners like you, over come mindset challenges like these!

If you

  • Know mastering your mindset is the key to your success
  • You'd welcome having accountability and mindset support ‘on tap’ to help you get unstuck fast.
  • You want help to develop and evolve your mindset as you develop and evolve your business

Then Mindset for Momentum Membership is for you!


Still wondering if this is a good fit?

Do you:

  • Know you need to work on your mindset as much as your strategy but need help to keep it up and actually reap the rewards?
  • Find yourself slipping back into old habits and patterns that stop you making progress in your business, despite all your good intentions?
  • Get derailed by the inevitable bouts of self-doubt and fear that crop up as you grow your business?

But you don't want to be overwhelmed with loads of training or extra 'fluff' you either don't need or are getting from your business coach or elsewhere?

If this IS you then I think you’ll welcome a simple way to consistently evolve your mindset and keep moving forward towards your goals.

Am I right?

This is what you get

  • Bi-Weekly Mindset Mentoring calls: 'get unstuck' fast and get the tips and strategies you need to keep you moving forward.
  • Monthly Mindset Review: use my 'battle tested' process to help you spot where you're getting in your own way and get back on track and join the accountability call each month to make it a habit.
  • Monthly Mindset Focus: develop a different element of mindset to help you evolve as your business does (all previous months content available: including Making a Plan for your Mindset workshop, Transforming Money Blocks, Mindset Resilience).
  • Mindset support 'on tap' in the members only community.

Imagine what it would feel like to:

  • Finally feel like you've got this 'mindset work thing' nailed!
  • See consistent improvements in your confidence, self-belief and momentum in your business.
  • Know that you're never really on your own or need to feel 'stuck' in your business again.

Sound good, then jump in my friend!