FREE 5 Day Challenge Reveals How Small Business Owners Ready for Their Next Level Can Start to Grow Their Business by Ditching Self Doubt.


"The Belief Booster"

From feeling like an impostor to owning your uniqueness in just 5 days!


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  • Pin-point how your self-doubt is getting in the way (and why it's not your fault)
  • Uncover limiting beliefs that are holding you back and how to change them.
  • Claim and aim your unique strengths to eradicate impostor feelings and make comparing yourself to others irrelevant.
  • Take the confident, bold action you've been procrastinating over and enjoy the positive response (and how amazing you feel!!)

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Every day I give you a simple but powerful action to complete and post in the group.

Each task takes 20 minutes and I'm live every day to help you get the most value from the challenge and to answer your questions.

Hosted by: Emma O'Brien

What Other People Say About The Belief Booster

Emma O'Brien - Doubt Dismantler

Good to meet you!

I'm Emma! I help womxn business owners at all levels break through the doubt that slows their growth, fast.

Self-doubt sabotages success and blocks your potential.

If you've ever found yourself

  • feeling like an impostor and thinking "who am I to do this?"
  • worrying you're not intelligent or competent enough, especially compared to your peers
  • Second guessing your decisions and actions or putting things off
  • fearing that you've fooled everyone and you don't really deserve to be where you's just a matter of time before you're found out

I GET it! I've felt that way too during my 18+ year career in HR and Organisational Development and as a business owner. You are not alone!

While building my own therapy and coaching business, I realised just how much impostor phenomenon and self-doubt blocks the potential and dreams of way too many business owners: it's rare to find anyone (at any level) who DOESN'T experience these feelings.

But you need to know your doubt it in order to dismantle it so it doesn't stop you from:

  • Taking consistent action to grow your business and attract more clients
  • Feeling confident sharing your expertise to help and serve others
  • Stepping fully into the mission you're so passionate about and having the impact and fulfilment you want in your life

If this is you too 👆 then join me and see what's possible FOR YOU in just 5 days.